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Do Stepparents Have Any Legal Rights or Responsibilities?

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

While the divorce rate has been on the decline in recent years, most people do not have to look too far to find someone whose marriage did not work out. A considerable number of these divorced individuals have young children, which can motivate some parents to seek remarriage in order to provide additional stability… Read More »

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Recent Changes to the Law on a Spouse’s Share of an Estate

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

When someone dies without an estate plan there are usually a lot of questions about what happens to his/her belongings. In many cases, this issue must be settled in court through the probate process. In practical terms, the probate process includes settling outstanding debts with creditors, collecting probate property, and distributing it to the… Read More »


How to Ensure Child Support Is Paid

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

The money a parent receives for child support almost always makes a pivotal difference in that parent’s ability to adequately provide for his/her child. Raising a child is an expensive endeavor that only increases as the child grows up. Child support is an enforceable obligation that lasts until the child is considered a legal… Read More »


When the Other Spouse Has to Pay for Your Attorney’s Fees

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

Divorce cases are known for provoking aggressive and emotional responses in spouses that reflect the underlying breakdown of the marriage. Ideally, this type of reaction can be set aside so the parties can work together to form an amicable settlement acceptable to everyone. However, sometimes one spouse decides that litigation is the only way… Read More »


A Personal Representative’s Duties vs. Authority during Probate

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

Responding to the death of a loved one requires coordinating and collecting information from a number of sources so funeral arrangements can be made and financial accounts accessed to cover expenses. One central component of settling the affairs of someone who died is settling his/her estate in probate, a court process necessary for distributing… Read More »


What Happens to an Inheritance during Divorce?

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

The division of property is one of the more contentious areas of divorce, and it is rare for either spouse to walk away feeling he/she received a fair amount. Only marital property is subject to division in divorce, which generally includes all property acquired during the marriage. Florida requires property division to be equitable,… Read More »


The Components of a Child Dependency Case

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

Facing the potential loss of a child to the state is a situation no parent wants to experience, but allegations of abuse, neglect and abandonment are made every day that completely upend the lives of the families involved. Anyone can call the Florida Abuse Hotline and make a report about past or imminent harm… Read More »


Child Timesharing and the Death or Incapacity of a Parent

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

Planning for all of life’s contingencies is rarely possible, but parents of young children, especially divorced parents, have particular timesharing concerns that should be addressed. If something were to happen to one or both parents, particularly if one parent provides most of the childcare, establishing who would have rights over the children is an… Read More »


The Impact of Social Media on Divorce Cases

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

Social media is firmly enmeshed in the lives of millions of Americans, and its influence often extends far beyond the confines of the computer screen. People invest a lot of time and effort into creating and maintaining a social media presence, and a considerable amount of personal and professional information is routinely divulged to… Read More »


Allegations of Kidnapping and Enforcing Parenting Time

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

Disputes over adhering to the parenting time schedule, which is set out in the parenting plan, can easily and understandably become quickly heated. Parents have a lot at stake, and may not think the current arrangement is fair. Courts favor giving equal parental responsibility in cases involving timesharing, but this rarely results in each… Read More »

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