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Under the leadership of founder and lead attorney Joyce Julian, the attorneys at Joyce A. Julian, P.A. have represented hundreds of Florida clients across a variety of practice areas. Joyce has brought her three decades of experience as a family and criminal court judge, magistrate, attorney and forensic accountant to bear in working for clients in a wide range of legal matters. With her experience and dedication to her clients, she works diligently to defend the rights of you and your loved ones.

Below is an overview of the practice areas that we focus on. Please click on any heading for further information on how we can be of service to you in representing your legal interests:

Family Law

When a family deals with a family law matter, it is often the most sensitive and life-altering legal experience they will ever have. In addition to divorce issues, we represent clients and their families in all types of family law matters. Joyce oversaw thousands of family law matters during her years as a family court judge, and she will help you navigate the system and represent your interests.

We help clients with matters relating to child custody, child support, adoption, paternity, prenuptial agreements, domestic violence issues, and Marchman Act issues (actions by family members to get help for individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction where treatment is refused). Whatever the change your family is going through, our attorneys are committed to easing the transition. We will work to ensure that the legal aspects of your family law matter are properly handled in order to minimize your stress and allow you to dedicate your energies to caring for your family’s emotional needs.

Joyce has worked as both a judge, where she oversaw many family law cases, and as an attorney, and uses her experience on both sides of the courtroom to work for the best result for you and your family. Our Fort Lauderdale family law attorneys have over four decades of combined family law experience, and have the experience and dedication to ensure that your family law matters are handled with the utmost care.


Divorces are notoriously stressful, and that stress can go on to affect many areas of your life, especially if you do not have experienced representation to ensure that the legal aspects are handled correctly. Our attorneys are dedicated to representing your best interests in this emotional time. We take time with our clients to discuss all the potential repercussions and outcomes of a divorce and work tirelessly to advocate for you throughout the process.

We handle all aspects of divorce disputes, including property division, spousal support and alimony, child support, child custody (including timesharing and parenting plans), and modification and enforcement of support awards. As a former family court judge, Joyce understands what men and women are facing when entering into divorce proceedings and will put her skills to work for you. She also works to protect your children from unnecessary legal fallout resulting from a divorce or custody proceeding and to ensure that their best interests are represented in all cases. Contact our experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce attorneys today.

Probate & Guardianship

Old age and incapacity can create difficult situations with family and loved ones as they pass on or become unable to manage their own affairs. Planning for your own future can alleviate much of that stress and worry, both for yourself and for your children and family. If you have a loved one who has died or who has become unable to care for him or herself, our attorneys can work with you to ensure that the legal aspects of that person’s life and estate are properly managed.

Probate and guardianship are both Florida legal processes by which a representative takes over the financial affairs of another. In probate, a personal representative assumes the responsibilities of a deceased person’s estate and administers the estate’s assets. In guardianship, a Florida court will appoint a legal guardian to assume the financial affairs of an incapacitated individual. In both types of case, advance planning can prove invaluable in preserving goodwill and stability in a family. But if an unexpected event occurs, or if your loved ones have not been able to create an end-of-life plan, our attorneys can help you smooth the transition and maintain good familial relationships.

Our attorneys have decades of experience working with probate and guardianship matters, and we can you help you and your family with any and all steps in either process.

Criminal Defense

Being the subject of a criminal investigation or prosecution can be frightening. The criminal justice system is complex and confusing to many people, and without the guidance of an experienced defense attorney, it can be easy to lose your way and suffer unnecessary penalties and consequences.

A dedicated attorney, however, is familiar with the rules of the Florida criminal courts and justice system, and can ensure that your rights are not violated and you are not wrongly convicted. Joyce Julian, with her years of experience as both a judge and a criminal defense attorney, understands the workings of the criminal justice system and how to competently and effectively defend your rights.

Our attorneys have successfully defended clients in a wide variety of cases. We represent clients across the spectrum of criminal defense matters, from DUI and drug crimes to theft, fraud, and violent crimes, and everything in between. We also work with white-collar criminal defendants under investigation for securities fraud, corruption, mortgage fraud and other matters. As a former criminal court judge, Joyce understands the inner workings of the criminal law system and will fight for your freedom and rights.

Work With the Experienced, Compassionate Fort Lauderdale Attorneys at Joyce A. Julian, P.A.

Going to court, whether for a divorce, family law, probate, or criminal defense issue, is always a high-stakes matter. Your finances, your home life, and even your freedom may be on the line. You owe it yourself to work with attorneys who know the inner working of the Florida courts, and who can use their decades of courtroom experience in representing the interests of you and your family. Call the attorneys at Joyce A. Julian, P.A. today at 954-467-6656 to schedule your free consultation.

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