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4 Mistakes to Avoid During a Divorce

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Divorce is not only emotionally draining but also financially draining due to what the process that comes with it. One of the draining matters you might have to handle during a divorce is the issue of child custody. You might also find yourself worrying about how assets will be divided between you and the other party. During a divorce, you have to do several things, including looking for the perfect divorce attorney for your case and proving to the court why you deserve to spend more time with your child.

However, as much as there are many things you need to do, there are other things you should not do during a divorce. Committing some mistakes during a divorce could ruin your chances of championing your best interests in court, and that can affect your future. One mistake could cause you to lose custody of your child or even your home. Additionally, some errors give rise to emotions that can prolong the divorce process.

This article discusses 4 common divorce mistakes people make. Pay attention to the following section, and in case you were planning to do any of the discussed things, change your plan accordingly.

Hiding Marital Assets

You might face the temptation of lying to the court because the other party hurt you or because you feel worried that they might try to take away your assets. Hiding or lying about assets is not only wrong because it can jeopardize any settlements that had already been made, but it is legally wrong and can land you in legal trouble since you will stand accused of fraud.

Prioritizing Revenge

When one person wants a divorce and the other does not, fights are bound to occur. These fights can spill over to the court. If one of the parties feels that the other deserves to get punished, revenge might appear as the best solution for them. However, trying to exact revenge will only cause adverse effects, such as significantly increasing divorce costs. When divorce costs go up, you might find yourself in a situation where you have to use assets that you should have maintained to pay off legal expenses.

Increasing Debt Intentionally

Under Florida law, the court equitably distributes marital assets between parties. Apart from equally distributing assets, a Florida court will also divide debt equally between parties. Therefore, avoid increasing debt intentionally during a divorce. You might assume that the debt will spill over to the other party or that it will somehow disappear. As much as divorce cases are complicated, a court cannot overlook your debt, and if it is solely in your name, your spouse will not help you pay for it.

Disobeying Court Orders

Many people decide to disobey court orders that they feel they are not in their best interests. However, regardless of your reason for breaking court orders during a divorce, your disobedience could make you lose vital ground in your case. Disobeying court orders can also lead to cost implications.

If you feel that an order is not in your best interest, it would be best to consult your attorney and ask for guidance on how you can modify it.

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