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Adjusting Your Co-Parenting in a COVID-19 Environment


None of us saw it coming. In early spring many of us were looking ahead to spring break or even planning summer vacations with our children when all of a sudden, our worlds changed. And now, even months later and with more than 60,000 diagnosed cases of COVID-19 just here in Florida, all of our lives remain impacted. As stores and even amusement parks begin reopening, it is imperative that anyone who shares a child with another co-parent begins contemplating the best future actions with the children in mind if he or she hasn’t already.

Think Long and Hard About Your Personal Situation

Are you a healthcare worker, a retail store cashier, or do you work in some other position that faces the public while the other parent is able to work from home? Does your child have a compromised immune system for some reason? As much as you may want to see the child that you share with another parent, keep in mind that co-parenting is not really about the parents. Instead, the time that you spend with your child is intended to benefit his or her upbringing and development and therefore, you should spend some time making sure that your current co-parenting agreement fits. If you are continuing or even thinking about going back to co-parenting during this time, you should also be adding in the unique things that apply to your individual situation in contemplating this to ensure that this plan is the best option for your child. Regardless of what you choose, you should strive to be an ideal co-parent in lieu of the current pandemic.

Co-Parenting Tips for a Pandemic

  • Be flexible. That means that you may have to adjust your own life and schedule to accommodate your ex and more importantly, to accommodate your children. Due to the fact that either parent may be working either more or less due to the pandemic, schedules may need to be changed accordingly. Despite your frustration, try to remain as flexible as possible and open to alternate days and times for spending time with your children.
  • Don’t argue. Unfortunately, the primary people who lose when parents bicker are the children. While you and the other co-parent are unlikely to remember exactly what an argument was about later, your children probably won’t forget the bad feelings associated with witnessing it anytime soon. Therefore, keep your outbursts at a minimum and don’t respond to your ex’s taunting no matter how nasty it gets, at least until your children are far away.
  • Take time for yourself. Too often, parents forget that one of the best ways to be a great parent is to spend time on your own self-improvement. During this stressful time, don’t forget to focus on your own pampering, to participate in an exercise routine or online class that you enjoy, or to try out a new activity entirely. In addition, don’t forget that you have the option of obtaining legal help to ensure that your co-parenting agreement is structured appropriately for current circumstances.

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