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Benefits of Shared Custody (Time-Sharing) for Both Parents and Children


It is often in children’s best interests to allow them to be raised by both parents after a divorce. If you and your ex-partner are ordered to adopt and follow a time-sharing schedule after a divorce, you will have to keep seeing each other and help each other raise your child as expected. You might not want to see your ex-partner a lot after your divorce, but if you have to share child custody, you’ll have to adjust to the situation and focus on what is best for your child. It would help if you concentrate on the benefits of a shared custody arrangement and try as much as possible to cope with any drawbacks the time-sharing arrangement might have.

Main Benefits of Shared Custody (Time-Sharing) for Parents and Children

Shared custody, known as time-sharing in Florida, has several benefits for both parents and children. Below are four of these benefits.

Children Can Foster a Solid Relationship With Both Parents

Children need to connect with both parents throughout their lives, especially when they grow up knowing both parents’ existence. Therefore, if you and the other parent have to co-parent after a divorce, your child will get the chance to satisfy their inborn need to connect with both of you.

Parents Share the Responsibility of Disciplining Their Children

A shared custody arrangement allows each parent to play a role in developing and enforcing rules. It also gives each parent the chance to implement the consequences of not obeying set rules. Such a team approach comes in handy, especially when children grow older and begin testing parents’ boundaries.

Financial Stress Reduces Significantly

Unfortunately, after the court grants sole parental responsibility to one parent and orders the non-custodial to pay child support, the obligor may fail to assume that responsibility naturally. With sole parental responsibility, the non-custodial parent might refuse to co-operate naturally because of feelings of anger that may arise from them not spending as much time as they would want with their child. Even though you can take legal action against such a parent, their refusal to pay child custody for a certain period will still financially stress you.

On the other hand, with a time-sharing arrangement, parents usually accept financial responsibility more naturally. This is mainly because both parties are spending a substantial amount of time with their child. Therefore, they take it upon themselves to habitually cover costs associated with raising the child.

Shared Custody Encourages Parents To Spend Quality Time With Their Children

While it may be challenging, especially during the first days, for you not to spend as much time as you were used to spending with your child, the shared custody arrangement will over-time inspire you to maximize the quality of time you spend with your child. The moments you spend with your child will become more precious to both of you.

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Even though shared custody bears several benefits for both children and parents, it is not the best arrangement for every situation. The Fort Lauderdale child custody lawyers at the offices of Joyce A. Julian, P.A., are dedicated to helping parents find out and convince the courts to approve what works best for their children and them. Contact us today at 954-467-6656 to schedule a consultation.





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