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My Ex Filed for Bankruptcy: Will I Stop Getting Alimony?

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

During the divorce process, couples settle several issues through divorce court or an alternative to divorce court. For example, couples with children settle timesharing and child support matters, whereas all couples, including those with no children, settle matters concerning division of assets and alimony. All these matters are usually settled before a divorce can… Read More »


Alimony in Florida: How Much and for How Long?

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

What constitutes alimony? Alimony is the term used to describe payments that a spouse makes to their former partner following the dissolution of a marriage. Under Chapter 61 Section 8 of the Florida Statutes, and in relation with a divorce proceeding, a court may order alimony payments to be made in lump sums or… Read More »


Changes in Circumstances Matter for Alimony Modification

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

Even after a court enters a final dissolution judgment in a divorce case, and the obligated party makes payments for years, the alimony obligation can be modified when circumstances warrant.  As made clear in an appeal decision (Nangle v. Nangle, 2019) by the Florida Fourth District Court of Appeal, a court has to take… Read More »


Calculating Alimony and Child Support

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

Alimony and child support are court-ordered payments that are made from one spouse to another after a divorce. After a careful examination of the finances of both parties, a Florida court will make the determination of how much is owed for both alimony and child support. Determination of Income in Florida Part of the… Read More »


Does Retirement Affect Alimony Obligations?

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

Recent studies have indicated a marked uptick in the amount of older couples deciding to divorce after many years of marriage. With people living longer and financial stability for each spouse less of a concern compared with times past, these older couples seem to place a premium on ensuring they are happy in the… Read More »


How the Law Treats Infidelity in Divorce

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

Honesty and commitment are the cornerstones of any good relationship, and when adulterous behavior require these qualities be abandoned, divorce is usually quick to follow. Discovering a spouse has been unfaithful is devastating, and for many, the why will never be fully understood. This level of betrayal, and the direct cause of the breakdown… Read More »


Stop The Bleeding: When A Spouse Is Dissipating Assets

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

Divorce can stem from many sources, and also provoke a number of unpleasant and unanticipated responses. The other spouse may not act in a reasonable manner, and intentionally seek to punish and deprive a spouse of important financial support by taking deliberate action to dissipate marital assets. Property division is one of the main… Read More »


Options To Collect Overdue Alimony Payments

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

Despite depictions of greedy spouses only out to punish the other party in divorce, most individuals who ask for alimony, or spousal support, truly need that money to make ends meet. Consequently, when payments are not made on time, or stop coming entirely, the financial impact of this lost income is often devastating. Regardless… Read More »


Battling for Alimony: How Courts Decide Who Pays

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

One of the realities of divorce is that the majority of former spouses will not be able to enjoy the same standard of living they experienced while married. Going from two incomes to one, or having to supplement the finances of two households, will have a significant impact on a person’s financial resources. Worrying… Read More »

How to Modify Alimony Awards

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

Couples that divorce after many years of marriage typically present more complicated cases because the parties lives are more intertwined due to more extensive and diverse property ownership and reliance one party often places on the other for financial support. The law recognizes and responds to the disparity in income divorcing spouses commonly have… Read More »

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