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Divorce and Children’s Education


Many parents are concerned about how a divorce will affect their children emotionally and academically. The divorce process can be tumultuous and many children suffer challenges both psychologically as well as in school. However, the way a divorce impacts every child is different. Interesting new studies have shown that the education of children is affected and impacted in different ways.

Divorce and Children

Divorce is still unsettling, unstable, and can have lingering consequences for the children involved. Most parents want to shield their children from any kind of challenge associated with a divorce. However, some new unexpected studies determined that children from more affluent families are actually affected more adversely regarding their education and academics following a divorce. 

Divorce Hurts Wealthier Kids’ Education More

Many people might think that children of lower-income or unstable families would fare worse academically following a divorce, however, the statistics provide just the opposite. Recent studies show that children from more economically advantageous and stable homes have a greater time academically following a divorce.

In fact, a professor of sociology and statistics at UCLA, and lead researcher of the study concluded that when a divorce is unexpected, a child suffers more disruption, specifically with regards to their academics. The study documented different demographic sectors and determined that if a particular family has a great deal of dysfunction or has lower-income and more challenges on a daily basis, a divorce assists children actually perform academically better in school. However, if a family is stable economically, a divorce negatively impacts the children academically.

Graduation Rate Differences

Shockingly, in families that were more stable that ended up divorced, children were 6% less likely to become high school graduates, and 15% less likely to attend college. However, if a child was in a high-risk family environment where the divorce was likely, the impact of either graduating or going to college was completely unchanged. Researchers concluded this is because these children are already living in adverse and challenging environments and therefore a divorce has little impact on their outlook on life. In fact, many children are relieved when the divorce occurs because it removes the arguments and negativity from their life.

What Can You Do As a Parent?

If you are a parent facing divorce, you are naturally concerned about how your divorce will affect your children both academically and emotionally. Make sure to give them healthy coping mechanisms as they deal with this unexpected event, and consider counseling or visiting with a pastor or priest. Make sure to always check to see how they are doing emotionally as the divorce process continues, and even after it is completed.

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If you are considering a divorce, your children are likely a priority for you. Beyond child custody and child support arrangements are the emotional and academic well being of your children. Contact the experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce attorneys at Joyce A. Julian, P.A. at 954-467-6656 or visit us online to schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal rights within the divorce process, and how best to ensure that your children have stability during this challenging time.





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