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Remarrying After a Florida Divorce: 3 Things You Should Know


In the US, remarriage laws, just like divorce laws, vary by state. When thinking about remarrying after a divorce, it is advisable to consult your attorney. Since there are no universal laws governing marriage, your priority before making any crucial decision should be to familiarize yourself with your state’s law. A qualified family law/divorce attorney can provide you with all the information you require to make a wise decision.

One crucial information an attorney is most likely to share with you is that remarriage after a Florida divorce can affect alimony. It provides a legal ground for alimony modification. However, apart from being concerned about alimony modification, it is only human that you might also be concerned about the period you need to wait after a Florida divorce before you can remarry.

In this article, learn about Florida’s waiting period, and the answers to two more commonly asked questions concerning remarriage.

Florida’s Waiting Period

Across the country, different states have different waiting periods. In Alabama, for example, one has to wait for 60 days after a divorce before they can remarry. However, in Florida, there is no waiting period. You can remarry anytime after the court finalizes your divorce.

People who have completed a premarital education course within the last year will receive a valid marriage license on the same day they apply. However, those who decide not to take the course will have to wait three days for the license to become effective.

Can I Remarry My Ex?

After a divorce, you might discover that you want to remarry the same person you divorced. If, for example, after a divorce, you feel that you made a mistake divorcing someone, you might want to remarry them. Remarrying the same person you decided to divorce requires commitment and effort because the two of you will need to work through the irreconcilable differences that led to the divorce. Those who decide that they are willing to put in effort and commitment might ask themselves whether they are legally allowed to remarry their ex.

The law does not stop you from remarrying an ex. Therefore, after a divorce, you can marry anyone you want to, including your ex. However, if the two of you had a prenuptial agreement in the previous marriage, you must speak to an attorney so that they can advise you. You need to know if the stipulations in the agreement will still apply in your new marriage.

Is It Illegal To Remarry Before a Judge Finalizes Your Divorce?

Florida law is against bigamy. Therefore, marrying someone else while your divorce case is still pending is illegal. A Florida divorce is only considered finalized when a judge issues and signs a divorce decree. Until a judge issues and signs the decree, you are still married.

Exceptions to the rule include individuals with enough reason to believe that;

  • their previous spouse is dead
  • they are lawfully allowed to remarry
  • Among others

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