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Sharing Child Custody With An Abuser

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

Domestic violence has existed as long as humans have engaged in intimate relationships, and with modern research and advocacy, the unfortunate prevalence of this behavior is reported and more well-known. Escaping these situations is extremely difficult, especially if children are involved. There may be concerns about employment or finding a place to live if… Read More »


Child Support Basics

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

Receiving enough money to support the needs of one’s child is a critical issue for any single parent. The cost of raising children rises annually, and most parents cannot afford to bear this burden alone. Further, the law requires both legally-recognized parents to share the financial obligation to support a child to adulthood. However,… Read More »


What Is Supervised Visitation, and When Is It Enforced?

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

Seeing one’s child on a regular basis is essential to maintaining and developing a meaningful relationship as a parent. Children grow in direct relation to the values and influence instilled by their parents, which comes during interactions in comfortable environments. The majority of divorced parents share time with their children so that each parent… Read More »

Grandparents’ Rights in Custody and Visitation Disputes

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

When a couple divorces, the effects reverberate far beyond the core family unit. Undoubtedly, children are the most affected by the breakdown of marriages, which is why many states, Florida included, require divorcing parents to take classes on helping their children deal with the changes. Beyond the couple and their children, close family and… Read More »

What Happens When Parents Cannot Agree On a Parenting Plan: The Role of Parenting Coordinators

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

Most parents strive to do what is best for their children by putting their children’s interests first, especially in the event of a divorce. It is now fairly common knowledge that divorce can have a negative and long-lasting impact on children, and the majority of parents work to ensure that the consequences of divorce… Read More »

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