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Mishandling The Division Of Retirement Accounts In Divorce

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

Dividing marital assets in divorce is one of the more painful aspects of this process for many couples. But, most concede the appropriateness of dividing the proceeds of the marital home, furniture, bank accounts and other personal effects as a necessary part of the divorce process. This same understanding tends to be abandoned when… Read More »


What Happens to an Inheritance during Divorce?

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

The division of property is one of the more contentious areas of divorce, and it is rare for either spouse to walk away feeling he/she received a fair amount. Only marital property is subject to division in divorce, which generally includes all property acquired during the marriage. Florida requires property division to be equitable,… Read More »


How Much Property Can You Expect in a Divorce

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

Most couples realize that entering the divorce process means facing the prospect of potentially leaving the relationship with fewer financial resources. Absent a prenuptial agreement, couples should expect to divide their property with the other spouse as a core component of dissolving the marriage. The purpose of property division is to prevent one spouse… Read More »

Divorce and Property Division in Florida

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

If asked, most divorced individuals would say that the experience massively transformed their life in a relatively short period of time. Transitioning from the viewpoint of considering oneself as a “me” instead of a “we” once the divorce is finalized requires a significant shift in mindset that is often painful and difficult. Beyond the… Read More »

The Basics of Divorce in Florida

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

Similar to the changes that happen as seasons shift from one to another, everyone has transitions in their lives that dramatically change the landscape of what is normal. One event that particularly transforms a person’s world is divorce. Divorce is a big step, and one few take quickly or lightly, but sometimes staying married… Read More »

Why Consider a Prenuptial or Postnuptial Agreement?

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

When couples decide to get married, it is easy and natural to get caught up in the excitement and emotion this event evokes and discount the need to consider future financial contingencies in the event the marriage does not work out. Certainly, bringing up the possibility of divorce is not a topic of conversation… Read More »

Effects of Bad Acts on Divorce

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

Parties to a divorce rarely make it through the process without experiencing some amount of emotional and psychological scarring. The divorce process is an inherently personal event that usually serves as a life-marker for the couple as they transition from functioning as a two-person unit to having to do everything on their own. The… Read More »

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