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What Is Parental Alienation?


Parents dealing with child custody matters sometimes act in unimaginable ways. The thought that the court might decide the other parent should live with and spend more time with the child is difficult to bear.

Child custody matters can sometimes cause parents to harbor negative feelings towards each other. Because of these negative feelings, some parents end up taking some extreme actions hoping that those actions will help their case. Instead of helping, some actions will only ruin a parent’s chances of convincing the court that they are the parent that deserves to live with the child.

One of the actions that some parents take with the hope that it will help their case is parental alienation. Parental alienation negatively affects children and victimized parents. As adults, parents might be better positioned to cope with the issue, even though some parents struggle to cope with parental alienation. For children, parental alienation can have lasting adverse effects on their wellbeing.

Victims of parental alienation need to protect their rights. Many victimized parents do not deserve being denied the opportunity to live with their children. Even though proving parental alienation is difficult, a qualified attorney can always help you.

Understand the Meaning of Parental Alienation

During the divorce process, some parents feel the need to influence their children to take their sides. While trying to do this, parents may use various tactics. One of those tactics is trying to paint a negative image of the other parent in front of children. Many parents try to convince their children to take their sides by talking down the other parent. This is popularly known as “badmouthing.” For example, a parent might state that the divorce was the other parent’s fault in front of a child.

Parental alienation is a process that emotionally manipulates children and can leave them with self-esteem and depression issues. Experts have suggested that the process of parental alienation is quite damaging that it can cause what they refer to as PAS (Parental Alienation Syndrome). Parents who fall victim to parental alienation also suffer a lot. Some of them end up being estranged from their children.

Is Parental Alienation a Crime in Florida?

Florida law does not list parental alienation as a crime. Nonetheless, courts consider proof of parental alienation when making child custody decisions. Under Florida Statute 61.13(3), judges can only award child custody to a parent if they are willing to foster a healthy, loving relationship between the child and the other parent. A parent who tries to turn the child against the other parent through parental alienation is unwilling to foster a healthy relationship between the child and the other parent.

If the other parent is turning a child against you, proving parental alienation might help with the child custody case.

Proving parental alienation in court is, however, never an easy task. For that reason, you need to involve a family law attorney when you think you are a victim of parental alienation is crucial.

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