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Why Is It Important To Create a Workable Parenting Plan?


In Florida, one of the things divorcing parents need to do is to create a parenting plan. As long as minor children are involved, parents need to develop effective approvable parenting plans. Even when parents readily agree on time-sharing matters, parenting plans are a must in Florida. When parents cannot create a parenting plan due to disagreements or create a plan that the court cannot approve, the court usually establishes the parenting plan independently.

What You Need To Consider When Creating a Parenting Plan

During a divorce, parents often feel tempted to outdo each other. Because of this, some set tremendously high expectations for one another. However, when you concentrate on setting high expectations for the other parent in the parenting plan to paint yourself in the best possible light, you ignore other crucial factors that need consideration. For example, according to the law, effective parenting plans should show that parents have their children’s best interests at heart.

Apart from creating a plan that puts your child’s interests first, it would be best to create a parenting plan that considers both parties’ rights and best interests. For example, a workable plan is one that contains realistic schedules. Remember that if you are currently working, even after divorce, you will still be working. Also, if you have certain obligations to loved ones, you will most likely always have those obligations. Additionally, creating a flexible parenting plan is essential. Apart from the factors mentioned above, there are many other things you need to consider to make an effective parenting plan.

Creating a workable plan can be difficult because of various reasons. That is why it is essential to consult a qualified divorce attorney. An experienced divorce attorney will help you create a parenting plan that considers;

  • your rights and those of your child(ren).
  • your best interests and those of your child(ren).
  • your schedules.
  • your lifestyle.

An attorney will also help you create a future-focused plan.

Why Is It Important To Create a Workable Parenting Plan?

A workable parenting plan comes with many benefits for both parents and children. For example, an effective parenting plan can help parents connect with their children. Also, a workable parenting plan can;

  • promote children’s emotional and social development.
  • help parents balance their lives.
  • help parents comfortably satisfy responsibilities outside of parenting.
  • help parents take care of their wellbeing.

You might feel like proving to the other parent that you are the perfect parent is the best way to handle the situation during a divorce. However, no parent is perfect, and when parents focus on proving to each other who is better, they create unrealistic parenting plans. Such plans are ineffective.

Contact a Qualified Divorce Attorney Today

Florida courts are strict when it comes to what constitutes a workable parenting plan. We know how crucial it is to create an effective parenting plan and that making such can be challenging. Our Fort Lauderdale divorce attorneys at the office of Joyce, A. Julian, P.A., are ready and willing to provide you with the help you need to create an effective parenting plan. Contact our office today at 954-467-6656 to schedule a consultation.





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