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Life After Your DUI Conviction

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

If you were arrested or charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI), you should contact an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible to help you build your case and help you attempt to dismiss your case, or at a minimum reduce your charges. However, if you were already convicted… Read More »


Reasons to Request a Child Custody Modification

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

In most cases, the divorce process is lengthy and complex. One of the most difficult areas to resolve typically relates to child custody decisions. Courts will always try to make decisions regarding the best interest of the child and take all the current circumstances into account when making the final child custody determination. However,… Read More »


Dividing a Medical Practice in a Divorce

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

Most divorces will include the division of property, assets, and debts between the spouses. In many cases, this is a simple task. In other cases, such as when one spouse owns a medical practice, the division proves more challenging. Medical practices of doctors, dentists, chiropractors, and mental health professionals often take decades to build… Read More »


Do You Have to Agree to a Guardian Ad Litem Appointment?

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

If you are going through a divorce, and you and your spouse can not agree on child custody, oftentimes, a court will make the decision to appoint a guardian ad litem. Contrary to what some people may believe, there never needs to be any kind of appearance of abuse by either parent for a… Read More »


Custody Rights During a Divorce

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

While you may be going through a divorce and determining the final legal custody arrangement for your children, you may wonder what custody rights do you have during the divorce, and how can you best position yourself to have as much custody as possible of your children after the divorce. Courts always attempt to… Read More »


Divorce and Domestic Violence

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

If you are considering a divorce and are a victim of domestic violence, you should take steps to ensure not only your safety but that your rights are protected. The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) made the issue of domestic violence a national priority. Domestic violence can include physical, verbal, emotional or sexual violence…. Read More »


Revocable Living Trust vs. Last Will and Testament

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

As you begin considering your estate planning process, you may be wondering the differences between a revocable living trust (“trust”) and a last will and testament (“will”). Estate planning is not just for the elite and wealthy, but when used correctly can offer you tax savings and ensure that your wishes are upheld after… Read More »


Your DUI Case and Field Sobriety Tests

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

Driving under the influence (DUI) charges in Florida are serious and the penalties are severe. Along with jail time, suspension of your driver’s license, and harsh fines, a DUI can remain on your permanent record throughout your life.  If you, a friend, or a family member were arrested or charged with a DUI, contact… Read More »


Calculating Alimony and Child Support

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

Alimony and child support are court-ordered payments that are made from one spouse to another after a divorce. After a careful examination of the finances of both parties, a Florida court will make the determination of how much is owed for both alimony and child support. Determination of Income in Florida Part of the… Read More »


7 Things You Must Do Before a Divorce

By Joyce A. Julian, P.A. |

Approximately half of all marriages end in divorce in the United States according to the American Psychological Association. During this stressful time, it is easy to overlook important details that could prove challenging to your divorce later on. If you have decided to ask for a divorce, or serve your spouse with divorce papers,… Read More »

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