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No one wants to go to court to deal with matters of the home and heart. Going to family court often involves an emotionally challenging situation with strained family relationships and tense financial circumstances. Preparing to stand and testify before an intimidating court system, where a judge has the power to influence your home and finances for years to come, can ultimately feel like the most stressful part of all, leaving you feeling alone and helpless.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The family attorneys at Joyce A. Julian, P.A., have decades of experience working throughout the Florida family law system, and they understand exactly what you are dealing with on a legal, financial, and emotional level. They will fight for the best interests of you and your children, and work to help your family achieve the best possible outcome.

A Former Florida Family Court Judge to Guide Your Family Law Matter

Joyce Julian has over 30 years of Florida legal experience, working as a judge, magistrate, and attorney in private practice. She served for six years as a Broward County Circuit Judge, where she oversaw thousands of family law cases. For the past 14 years, she has applied her vast wealth of family law experience to her work of representing the interests of individuals and families.

The family attorneys at Joyce A. Julian, P.A., work for the rights of clients in the following family law matters:


The end of a marriage is often a devastating time, filled with emotional, financial, and social turmoil and stress. An experienced attorney can help to ease the transition as you navigate the divorce process. We represent spouses in all aspects of the divorce process, including division of property, spousal support and alimony, timeshare and parenting agreements, and other issues. We specialize in complex, high-dollar divorces involving difficult-to-valuate and hidden assets. Joyce, who earned a Master’s Degree in Forensic Accounting, employs her accounting skills to make sure all assets are brought to light and properly valued.

Child Custody

We help parents through negotiating and establishing custody, creating parenting and timeshare plans, and with modifications and relocation plans. It is, of course, ideal if parents can agree on how to handle custody matters and parenting plans. But if they fail to come to an agreement, the court must step in and make decisions for them, based on the best interests of the child. Our lawyers work to protect your parental rights and reach the best outcome for you and your children.

Child Support

Child support is often a contentious issue in divorces and custody proceedings and can have a major effect upon your child’s standard of living after a separation or divorce. Florida law provides guidelines for determining child support amounts, assessing factors including the number of children, each parent’s income, the type of custody arrangement, and the costs of the child’s health care and daycare. Even after a child support order is made, the enforcement of that order can create legal disputes. We work to negotiate and argue for child support plans and assist with post-divorce modification and enforcement of support plans.


Adding a child to a family through adoption is a joyful time. But making sure an adoption is secure and correctly finalized means following the legal procedures exactly. An experienced adoption attorney can help you navigate the process to make sure your adoption goes through and does not result in later legal disputes. We help would-be parents through all steps of the adoption process to give you peace of mind as your family grows.


In Florida, a child’s paternity can be established in two ways: through the parents’ marriage at the time of the child’s birth, and in court. The establishment of paternity means that the child and the parents have certain rights, which include the child’s right to financial support and the parent’s right to visitation and parental decision-making power. Establishing paternity can be a critical step in child support and custody matters, and we work on behalf of parents and others in paternity matters.

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements can provide a sense of security for couples who are about to marry. They can protect your interests by specifying how assets will be divided in the event of a divorce, separation, or death, establish spousal support amounts or limits, and create strategies for the resolution of financial disputes. We help spouses in negotiating and drafting enforceable prenuptial agreements and later modifying or enforcing such agreements.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a crime that can also have serious family law repercussions. It includes stalking, assault, battery, sexual assault, false imprisonment, and other offenses committed against family members. Domestic abuse victims can get temporary or permanent restraining orders against family members, and proof of domestic violence can have an effect on child custody proceedings. We help parties dealing with domestic violence issues to have their rights represented in court.

Dependency Actions

Juvenile dependency actions involve civil proceedings against the parents or guardians of a minor child who is dependent on the state of Florida for his or her welfare, with the purpose of protecting the child. The parents of a child who has been adjudicated dependent must take action to prove that they are fit guardians for the child. We work with parents and family members to fight for their family rights when the state steps in to remove children from the home.

Marchman Act Actions

Watching a loved one’s life spiral out of control because of substance abuse can be devastating. Florida allows the family members of an individual struggling with substance abuse to provide immediate assessment and treatment where the individual refuses treatment. We help family members access the law to get loved ones the help they need to guide them down the road to recovery.

Work With Joyce A. Julian, P.A. for Your Family Law Matter

Dealing with the emotional and legal ramifications of a difficult family matter is stressful, but you don’t have to do it alone. Call the compassionate, experienced family law attorneys at Joyce A. Julian, P.A. today at 954-467-6656 to schedule your free consultation.

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