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Here’s How A Guardianship Attorney Can Help You


Are you considering seeking guardianship for a loved one or looking to become a guardian for a loved one? If you are, it is crucial that you hire a guardianship attorney. It is not advisable to handle guardianship matters without an attorney. The process of seeking guardianship can be an emotional and complex one. You will need professional and caring guidance throughout the process.

A guardianship attorney can help you in many ways. Below is a look at some of the ways a Florida guardianship attorney can help you.

A Guardianship Attorney Can Help You Prepare Your Petition

In Florida, the first step towards appointing a guardian for an aging or disabled loved one is determining incapacitation. To do that, you need to file a petition to determine incapacity, listing the areas in which your loved one has become incapacitated. A guardianship attorney can help you file this petition. Preparing this initial petition is not an easy task, so it is best to get help from a professional.

A Guardianship Attorney Can Inform You About Guardianship Laws

If you have no legal background, then you most likely don’t know everything about Florida guardianship laws. Also, rules keep changing. A law that was applicable five years ago maybe isn’t relevant anymore. This is why it is vital that you retain an experienced local attorney experienced in dealing with guardianship cases.

A Guardianship Attorney Can Ensure Your Loved One’s Assets Are Protected

One of the main goals of seeking guardianship is to protect a loved one’s assets. In this context, a guardianship attorney can help you convince the judge to take necessary action to ensure the protection of your loved one’s assets, for instance, against nursing home costs.

A Guardianship Attorney Can Guide You on Guardians’ Responsibilities

After being appointed as a guardian to a loved one, you will need to effectively fulfill your fiduciary obligations. There are many things that you’ll need to do after gaining guardianship. An attorney can help you understand everything you’ll need to do. For example, did you know that guardians must file regular reports with the Court to advise it on the ward’s status? Many guardians go into performing guardianship duties without fully understanding their responsibilities. In the end, some end up making costly mistakes. There is no need to take such a risk. Allow a guardianship attorney to help you do your job effectively.

A Guardianship Attorney Can Advise You on Alternative Options

While you may believe that guardianship is the right option for your loved one or your situation, the fact is that guardianship isn’t always the best option. Depending on your reasons for considering seeking guardianship for your loved one, you might be surprised to learn that you have other options as well. When you hire a guardianship attorney, they can help you weigh all your legal options that might be a better fit, so that you can make the most informed decision possible.

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