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How To Make Your Guardianship Case Strong


If your loved one can no longer make safe or sound decisions about their person and/or property because of an incapacity, be it mental or physical, you may want to petition for guardianship. In simple words, guardianship is a commitment to be responsible for and to protect your incapacitated loved one’s interests. If you are considering petitioning to become a legal guardian for your loved one, it is crucial that you do whatever you can to ensure you have a strong guardianship case. This article discusses how you can make your Florida guardianship case a strong one.

Preparing for a Strong Guardianship Case

The guardianship process of an incapacitated adult in Florida requires representation by a qualified guardianship attorney. However, it is crucial that you do not hire just any attorney. You need to hire an experienced and dedicated guardianship attorney. Therefore, the first step to getting ready for a strong Florida guardianship case is finding and hiring a skilled and dedicated Florida guardianship attorney. An experienced attorney can help you file a Petition to Determine Incapacity. This petition allows a court to determine if an adult is in a position to make sound financial decisions. A skilled and dedicated guardianship attorney can also help you file a Petition for Appointment of Guardian. This is a petition asking the Court to appoint you as your loved one’s guardian.

In a case involving an adult who may need a guardian, it can be more difficult to convince the Court to appoint a legal guardian. The Court may hesitate to deprive your loved one of their legal rights and/or powers as an American citizen. Fortunately, an experienced guardianship attorney can help you explain to the Court why your loved one needs a legal guardian.

Meeting a Guardianship Attorney

After hiring a guardianship attorney, you will need to meet with them before starting the guardianship process. Before meeting with your attorney, there are some crucial documents you need to gather. Some of the documents you should gather before meeting a guardianship attorney may include:

  • A will and/or power of attorney
  • Medical records documenting your loved one’s disabilities, if applicable
  • Protective services and/or criminal justice records

Additionally, your guardianship attorney will need you to provide them with all the information and/or evidence you have regarding your loved one’s welfare and safety. This may include records of spending habits that may indicate that they are being taken advantage of by another party.

How an Experienced Guardianship Attorney Can Help You Have a Strong Guardianship Case

To ensure you have a strong guardianship case, you need to answer, among many other questions, the question of why your loved one needs a legal guardian. An attorney can help you answer this question, thus making your case strong. Also, an attorney can help you show the Court why you are the right guardian for your loved one. An experienced guardianship attorney can assist you in gathering evidence that can help you prove why the requested guardianship is in the best interests of the potential ward.

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