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Protecting Your Privacy During A Florida Divorce


In this digital era, maintaining your privacy might seem impossible because of how easy it is for people to access one another’s private information and the prevalence of social media. However, maintaining privacy is possible. If you are considering, or going through, a divorce in Florida, you may be worried about protecting your privacy during a potentially stressful point in your life.. Specifically, you might be feeling worried that your ex-spouse might access your private information and use the information they obtain against you. This article discusses five crucial tips that can help you protect your privacy during a Florida divorce. While reading, kindly keep in mind that this article is for informational purposes only. If you need legal guidance, please reach out to a qualified Florida divorce attorney.

Agree to Privacy Before Your Divorce Proceedings Begin

Before your divorce proceedings begin, you and your spouse can reach an agreement that you will respect each other’s private information throughout your divorce proceedings. Coming to such an agreement can give you peace of mind and help you concentrate on your divorce proceedings without having to worry about your spouse snooping around and gathering information they can use against you.

Avoid Social Media

Contrary to popular opinion, even those social media posts you think are private are never truly private. Therefore, it would be best for you to avoid posting on social media while your divorce is pending. During a divorce, it is advisable that you avoid posting your whereabouts or anything about what you are doing. You never know how your spouse and their attorney might turn an innocent post into something they can use against you.

Additionally, try to avoid “venting” any frustrations you ay have about your spouse, or openly discussing parts of the process, on social media. While it may make you feel better briefly, it may also complicate the ongoing proceedings and make negotiating amicable resolutions more difficult.

Change Your Passwords

If you are about to get a divorce in Florida and have any account, such as a social media, email, or even online work accounts that your spouse has access to, it is always a good idea for you to change that account’s password. When choosing a new password, you should avoid common password ideas that your spouse can easily guess. Usually, it is advisable to use passwords that contain a mix of letters, numbers, and signs. It is further advisable to never use the same password for different accounts as well.

When changing your password(s), it would also be best to set up the two-step verification. Generally, the two-step verification requires anyone logging into your account to provide a code (usually sent to your mobile phone) to complete the login. Having such a setup can prevent your spouse from gaining access to an account you don’t want them gaining access to.

Keep Your Private Documents in a Secure Place

If you are worried about your spouse snooping around your private documents, you should put them in a secure place. For example, you can keep your documents in a safe or security deposit box. Also, if you have a friend or relative you trust, you can ask them to keep the documents for you. You should avoid giving your private documents to someone you don’t trust completely to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

Safeguarding Finances

When it comes to protecting finances, you must avoid hiding assets. Instead, to protect your finances, you can open a separate bank account if you and your spouse have been using a joint bank account. Hiding assets during divorce is illegal and can affect the outcome of your divorce case. It is advisable to consult a qualified attorney prior to moving any major assets to avoid possible negative consequences.

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